January 2022

Well, I am late posting but I hope that everyone out there is having a fantastic start to their New Year. During the month of January, I was busy as a little bever over at The Lily-Pad creating pages for the Month of Challenges aka MOC event. I love this event but I must say that it is not easy. The challenges can be VERY challenging but more than that…being able to get 1 page a day created can be a bit tricky. I did finish all 31 pages and I did get them posted so I am very proud of that!

In all of the MOC chaos, I did manage to get a few layouts created for the challenges at Gingerscraps. I love their challenges. There are a lot of them so plenty to choose from!

I managed to find some great challenges over at the Sweet Shoppe too and I got a few of those done as well! There are some fantastic designers over there too. One of the Designers is one that I have known about for quite some time, The Nifty Pixel. I was introduced to her products by Jill Walls, another fantastic designer. She has since passed but I was on her CT for over a year. Here are some of the layouts that I created during January for the challenges at The Sweet Shoppe!

So what’s next? I am working on some fantastic layouts for the challenges at Gingerscraps, The Lily-Pad and The Sweet Shoppe. I can’t wait to share them with you! Until next time, God bless!

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