CT Call!!

Miss Fish is having a Creative Team Call! If you are a digital scrapbooker and think that you would like to be on a Designers Team, then this call is for you! Even if you are new to scrapbooking and have never been on a team, I encourage you to apply for a spot on the team. I love creating with Miss Fish Templates and I love being on her team.

January? Where did it go?

Beautiful people, where did January go so quickly? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now it is virtually the end of the month! I don’t usually make resolutions but I did promise myself that I would try to keep up on this blog a bit better. It looks like I failed on that promise – hopefully, just for January!

So, January has been cold and it has rained quite a bit while the rest of the country has been snowed under and flooded out. Yes, we have hurricanes but I am really glad that I live in the South.

Top news today as we gear down and head into the heart month of February… Miss Fish has a birthday coming up and she is having a sale that is going on right now at both of her stores. Check it! GS – https://bit.ly/ShopMissFishGS SG – https://bit.ly/MFish_ScrapGirls

Also, I am now on Aimee Harrison’s Creative Team! There is no better combination than a Miss Fish Template and an Aimee Harrison Kit! Perfectly Paired! Here are some of the layouts that I have completed. Everything that I have used in the creation of these layouts can be purchased at either Scrapgirls or Gingerscraps.

That’s it for now! Thank you for looking!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I know I haven’t posted in about a month. It has been busy at the old homestead with preparations for Christmas. The tree is looking good but I cannot seem to keep Casper out from underneath. I have already had to fix some of the name tags! My advice to anyone that has a young cat is (this is Caspers’ 5th Christmas!) to not use tags that dangle. Use the ones with the sticky on the back!!

Here are a few things that I have been up too!

Alana and Mark make the best Christmas photos every year. I can’t imagine how they get these wonderful fur babies to sit still long enough. Amazing!


In my last post, I posted a photo of a bowl of fruit soaking in whiskey. Today, I baked a fruitcake with that same bowl of fruit. It turned out really well! The cake is moist and yummy. I decided not to age the cakes because I wanted to be able to enjoy them now. I did brush the outside of them with Grape Juice and Jack Daniels and they are resting in the fridge for now.

Cruisin’ Ducks!

My husband and I just got back from vacation. We were on the Carnival Mardi Gras cruising to Puerto Rico, Amber Cove, and Grand Turk. We had a FUN-tastic time! The strangest thing happened… and I had never heard of this but apparently, it is a BIG thing right now…we found a duck hidden by the stairwell on the 9th floor of the ship. My husband picked it up and thought someone had lost it until he read the tag!

But the date on the tag is from last year! How odd!

What a cute little guy! Since it was the first one we had ever found, we decided to keep him and we took him into port with us and took photos!

At the gate to Old San Juan in Puerto Rico!
Looking at the shopping area in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic from our balcony on the ship.
Drinking Margaritas in Margaritaville in Grand Turk.

While we were sitting at the table eating fries and having a drink, the people seated next to us say our duck and gave us one that they had been going to hide when they got back on the ship!

Sharing a drink with his new friend in Grand Turk!

So Agitated!

So I just have to vent here for a few minutes because sometimes ya just have to do that to keep your sanity. I have a beautiful group of friends that all derive from my husband having worked with their husbands in the shipbuilding industry. We all get together one weekend every month or two and have dinner either out to eat or at one of our houses. Keep in mind that there is always that one person in the group that tries to outdo and outshine everyone else.

In the middle of March, I tried a new recipe that I got online for “Pineapple Upside-down Cupcakes”. I intend to make these for our get-together and I wanted to test the recipe and make sure that I was doing it correctly, that it came out right, etc, etc….you ladies know what I mean. So I posted a photo of them in the chat stating that I would be making them for dessert for our next dinner. One of the ladies commented on how wonderful they looked and said she needed to make the cake version.

My husband and I are having everyone over in May and the theme is “Luau” so I just know that these cupcakes will be the perfect dessert. So I posted the menu in the chat today so that all of the ladies could be planning what dish they might want to bring that would complement what I am serving. The cupcakes are on that menu. So now the person that commented on them in March is telling me that I do not need to make the cupcakes because SHE is planning on making the cake version and bringing it for dessert.

Now, normally, I would say “hell yeah” because that would be one less thing for me to cook but this time I am like, “NO WAY, I have been planning on making these for over a month!” I hate it when people do me that way knowing damn good and well that I have been planning on making them all along.

End of rant. I hope I have entertained you!