Just a spoonful of sugar…

…helps the medicine go down. I am sure that you all have heard that one before! I wish it were just a spoonful of sugar but in my case, there won’t be any consumption of sugar for quite some time. This month has been my month for health issues for me. I went to the doctor on March 2nd for a nose bleed problem and issues with my back. I had x-rays and blood work done and had to schedule a pulmonary function test at the hospital to check for COPD. A week later, I received a call from the doctor asking me to come in and have more blood work done and then come back to see him in two days to talk with him about my test results. So on March 10th I had my blood work done again and went to the hospital for my pulmonary function test. Then on the 12th, I went back to see my doctor.

So, Got the nose bleed problem resolved by not taking my baby aspirin everyday… down to three times a week. I do not have COPD but I do have a slight respiratory problem that an inhaler twice a day will solve (Bottom line for that is…Do not start smoking… at any age. I do not smoke now but I did for 40+ years.). Lower back problem and any other issues that I have are all related to one thing….Type B Diabetes. So, my blood sugar is high which is making my blood pressure high and my back ache because it affect the kidneys as well. So, Medicine for the sugar, monitor the sugar and blood pressure and stay on a low carb diet to regulate and help loose weight.

All of this and I am not complaining. It all runs in my family and I knew there was a chance that it would come up at some point. I figure at 61, I am lucky that it hasn’t raised it ugly head before now. My son has been having issues with his sugar since last year some time. That should have given me a clue. Anyway, it will get better and life will go on. I will not give up this fight as it is one that I can, and will win.

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