Saturday Bird Watching

So, I am sitting at my computer which is in one of the spare bedrooms in the front part of the house, and my husband is seemingly talking to himself in the dining room. This is not an uncommon occurrence at my house. If we are not talking to each other, we are usually talking to ourselves.

Anyway, I ask him what he is talking about and he points out that there is a beautiful black, white and red bird at the bird feeder in the front yard and he doesn’t think that he has ever seen one before. Of course, I grabbed my camera and headed for the front door!

There are always a large number of wild birds in our yard because of the bird feeder and we have quite a few Live Oak trees in the front and the back so they have plenty of places to perch and nest. Well, what I saw was exactly what he said, “A beautiful black, white and red bird at the bird feeder”!

Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Having an argument with the Cardinal!

I was so excited to be able to get these photos and I just had to look it up!

So this was the most exciting part of my Saturday! Now, I am going to eat pizza with my husband. Enjoy!

New from Laura Burger Designs!

I am back this week with some new layout shares showing off a few of Laura’s new products that are now available in the store at You can click on the link at any time to be taken to Laura’s store. If you are a scrapbooker or a wanna be scrapbooker, I encourage you to take a stroll through her store.

Here comes the Sun Bundle” is the newest kit that Laura has in the store. I just love the soft pinks, greens and yellows that are in this kit. Here is a preview along with some of the layout that I have created with the kit.

The next new item is Laura’s “Maskable Templates“. These are beautifully done and can easily be used with or without the blending layers. So versatile, they can be turned and flipped to make them what you need them to be. Here is a preview and a layout that I created with them.

I used the Maskable Templates and Here Comes The Sun

Last but certainly not least is “Flirting With Spring – Seamless Layflat Papers“. These are created in 12 X 24 and are just gorgeous! They can be used for a double layout or can be used separately on a 12 x 12 layout. Again, here is a preview along with the layout that I created.

Created with the Seamless Layflat Papers and “Captured Moments 7 Bundle”, also by Laura.

I hope you enjoy the preview and will stop by Laura’s store and share the Love! I also want to mention that all of these kits are created for sale at and are for use with Forever’s software, Artisan. Artisan can be purchased on the Forever site HERE if you are interested. I have Artisan5 however, I create all of my layouts in Photoshop CS 6. Not all items will be interchangeable. Just sayin’!

Rain, Rain go away…

You know the rest. 5 inches on Thursday, 3 inches yesterday and we are well into over an inch so far this morning. I will be so glad when it all just goes away for a little bit. In between the rain drops and the thunder and lightening, my husband and I have gotten the new sand leveled in the bottom of the pool area and we have managed to get the new liner put in and all of the wrinkles out. What a job it has been getting all of that done. My oldest Grandson, Taylor, helped his Pop get the stairs back into the pool and I am happy to say that it is complete and water is now being hosed, and rained, back into the pool. Bring on Summer!!

Taken before we were able to get all of the wrinkles out. I love my new liner!
Stairs in and water flowing!

New this week…

For the scrapbooker in you, Laura Burger has a new kit out this week at It is part of her Life Story series, “Life Story: Away We Go”. It is a great kit for scraping about your family vacations. Or maybe you travel for work and go to far away places or even places close by. Where ever you go, this bundle is going to give a lot of scrapbooking miles for you dollars. Grab it for 50% off through April 15, 2021.

This kit can only be purchased at and is created for use with Artisan however, I use it in Photoshop CS6 without any problems. Please note: This is a digital scrapbooking kit and you will not receive a physical product when you purchase, just the link to download. If you are new to all of that, you will also need a program to unzip the files. There are some great free ones out there. Just google zip files.

Here are some previews of the kit and a few layouts that I have created! Enjoy!

You can purchase this awesome kit HERE

More Azaleas…

As promised, I am back with more photos of the Azaleas in my yard and in my brothers yard next door. Thankfully, the rains that we have had this past week did not manage to ruin the beautiful blooms! Enjoy!

This white Azalea still has plenty of blooms that are yet to open!

A few of these I had to get from a distance with my 300x zoom as the ground is still wet and I swear a river still runs through the yard! That’s it for now. Until next time, God bless!

Spring Azaleas

When I think of the deep South, there are just a few things that come to mind. Delicious Southern Cooking, Sweet Tea, Porch Swings, Azaleas and beautiful Magnolias, most of which you will find at my house. Well, I don’t have a porch swing but I want one…does that count? idk

Anyway , this is the time of the year for gorgeous Azaleas and I am not in short supply. I have several Azalea bushes in my yard and what I do not have, my dear brother has in his yard next door. I love taking pictures of them when they are in full bloom but the trick is catching them in full bloom. Once they hit that high point, it doesn’t take long for them to wilt away. What you are left with is beautiful leafy green bushes for the rest of the summer months and, here in Mississippi, that could be on into late October!

Here is a digital scrapbooking layout that I created in PhotoShop to show off one of my bushes in the front yard. These blooms are just gorgeous! The bumblebees think so too! I do not like to post layouts without giving credit to the designer of the digital products that I have used. This layout was created with “Spring Blooms” by Laura Burger Designs and will be coming soon to her store at

Photos taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera and a 18-55 mm lens

I will venture across the yard to get more photos later when the rain stops. Hopefully, the rain will not knock all of the blooms off of the bushes!

Until next time!

A rainy Tuesday…

Well, the day started out nice and we even saw the sun peek through the clouds a few times. My Grand Daughter came to visit for a little while and we all ate lunch together. Right after she left, the bottom fell out and the rain came down in buckets! Almost 1 1/2 inches worth(according to the rain gauge).

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy 9 cell phone.

There wasn’t any water in that ditch before it started raining and, as you can see, it was still raining when I took the photo! Weather says it is going to rain all week and start clearing up sometime on Friday. Folks, it’s going to be a long, dreary week.

Hummingbird Sighting!!

I love this time of the year when the weather is getting warmer, the days are longer and all of the birds begin to come back from wherever they spend the winter months. My husband mentioned to me the other day that he had seen a lonely Hummingbird at the feeders looking for food but, at the time, we had not cleaned them out. So we brought the feeders inside, cleaned them up and filled them with fresh nectar. I have been watching the feeders for several days now to see if any more would happen by and today I caught one getting a drink. So I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I can’t wait to see if more will come and stay for a week or two. We have never had more then three at a time so we will see! Enjoy!

Photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D and a 300x zoom lens.